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Bigfoltz Kick Streamer
Content type – COD Bigfoltz's Kick link Real Name: Cody Foltz Age: 29 Birthday: July 10, 1993 Hometown: Miami, FL
Borutolul kick streamer
Content type – Fortnite and Variety Borutolul's Kick link Real Name: Gianni Ingemi Age: 24 Birthday: March 6, 1999 Hometown:
Br4dford kick streamer
Content type – Fortnite and Variety Br4dford's Kick link Real Name: Bradford Age: 27 Birthday: July 17, 1996 Hometown: United
brittanycorp kick streamer
Content type – FPS and Variety BrittanyCorp's Kick link Real Name: Brittany Team: ULTRA Where they stream: Kick Gaming and

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