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GMHikaru’s Kick link

Real Name: Hikaru Nakamura

Age: 35

Birthday: December 9, 1987

Hometown: Kirakata, Japan

Current location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Where GMHikaru streams: Kick

Gaming and Streaming History

GMHikaru was born in Japan, but moved to the US when he was two years old. He started playing chess when he was seven under the tutelage of his stepfather, FIDE Master and chess author Sunil Weeramantry. He made a name for himself when he was ust ten years old and became the youngest American to defeat an International Master when he beat Jay Bonin at the Marshall Chess Club.

GMHikaru is now renowned for being a five-time United States Chess Grandmaster and the reigning World Fischer Random Chess Champion who created his Twitch account in September 2015. By March 2023, he had a following of just under 1.8 million viewers. He joined Misfits Gaming in June 2022. He made headlines in the gaming community on March 29, 2023 when It was announced that he had signed an exclusive contract with

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