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ThatFreakinGinger’s Kick link

Real Name: Scott Malbon

Age: 29

Birthday: September 16, 1993

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Current location: Daphne, AL

Team: RegimentGG

Where ThatFreakinGinger streams: Kick

Gaming and Streaming History

ThatFreakinGinger grew up playing video games. After he completed five years in the army as a 13F Fire Support Specialist, he decided to start streaming in his free time, so he set up his Twitch channel in April 2022. However, he gave up after a couple of months. He then decided to take up streaming again with Kick on March 26, 2023. He mainly plays survival, MMO, and open-world games. Outside of video games, he enjoys fishing on the weekends and playing paintball, and playing airsoft.

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